Our Story about Serendipity


It all started in the winter of 2006 during a stayover in the small town of Nottingham Road in the Midlands Meander, South Africa.
Upon our arrival we had had our first interaction with Fred the resident Basset Hound at the Bend Country House. From the very first moment we just fell in love with everything about this breed and specifically the soft gentle nature of Fred the Basset. He followed us everywhere and at night he made himself comfortable in our room’s bay window. During our stay we developed a bond with Old Fred and never knew that this was the beginning of a journey that would develop over the next few years.
Some years later we travelled down to the Little Karoo town Prince Albert in the Western Cape province of South Africa.
On our second morning during breakfast at Prince Albert Country Café we got introduced to a very special Basset, also called Fred. He was lying on a big old leather couch in front of the café. We later found out what a privilege it was to have met Fred as there was a beautiful story behind him. The residents of Prince Albert adored him. So did we.

On that day we knew we had to have our very own Fred and before long Baby Fred joined our family in 2009.

From that moment our love for Basset Hounds just grew and grew and today we are proud owners of Meandro Basset Hounds.

Our Kennel name Meandro is a direct translation of the English word Meander coming from our very first interaction with this amazing breed in combined with our love and passion for the Tuscan Region of Italy, specifically a little town called Montecatini Terme.

Mihanlo Gucci Girl of Meandro aka “Audrey” and Bassefied De Villiers of Meandro aka “The Div” have since joined our kennel and are actively competing in the show rings of South Africa.

Fred is not part of our show team but travels with on occasion for some moral support!

Everybody loves Fred.

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